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Nuclear fuel cycle products
Nuclear fuel cycle products
PWR and BWR fuel
BN-600 nuclear fuel
RBMK-1000 and RBMK-1500 nuclear fuel
VVER-1000 nuclear fuel
VVER-440 nuclear fuel

Nuclear fuel for thermal and fast neutron reactors accounts for about 90 % of the total production output of OAO MSZ. Nuclear fuel is manufactured in the form of fuel assemblies for various types of nuclear reactors.

The production of RBMK-1000 fuel assemblies started in 1973, RBMK-1500 – in 1982. RBMK fuel is delivered to the following NPPs:


  •   Leningrad NPP (RBMK-1000) – 4 units
  •   Kursk NPP (RBMK-1000) – 4 units
  •   Smolensk NPP (RBMK-1000) – 3 units
  • Lithuania

  •   Ignalina NPP (RBMK-1500) – 1 unit
  • Full-scale commercial production of VVER-440 fuel assemblies started in 1972; VVER-440 fuel assemblies are delivered to NPPs operating VVER-440 reactors located in Russia, the CIS-countries and Europe:

    • Loviisa NPP (Finland) – 2 units
    • Dukovany NPP (Czech Republic) – 4 units
    • Mochovce NPP (Slovakia) – 2 units, Bohunice NPP (Slovakia) – 4 units
    • Paks NPP (Hungary) – 4 units
    • Metsamor NPP (Armenia) – 1 unit
    • Novovoronezh NPP (Russia) – 2 units and Kola NPP (Russia) – 4 units.

    NPPs located in Finland and Hungary are among the top ten ones in the world with respect to the key performance indicator, i.e load factor.

    VVER-1000 fuel assemblies of an alternative design have been manufactured since 1998 and are delivered to 3 units of Kalinin NPP (Russia).

    Since 1980 OAO MSZ has been manufacturing nuclear fuel for fast breeder BN-600 reactor. BN –type fuel assemblies are delivered to Unit 3 of Beloyarsk NPP (Russia). Earlier the company manufactured and delivered nuclear fuel for BOR-60 (Russia) and BN-350 (Kazakhstan) reactors. Research results and advanced developments applied for BOR-60 and BN-350 were taken into consideration for the BN-600 design. Fast breeder reactor of BN-600 type is the world-largest one in its reactor class operating safely over 20 years.

    In 2004 OAO MSZ manufactured and delivered a batch of fuel assemblies to China to be loaded into CEFR fast breeder reactor.

    Since 1976 OAO MSZ has been delivering fuel assemblies to Bilibino power plant for EGP-6 reactor.

    The cooperation between OAO MSZ and Siemens AG (since 2001 – Framatome ANP) started in 1993. Within the framework of this cooperation OAO MSZ manufactures fuel assemblies for PWR (Pressurized Water Reactor) and BWR (Boling Water Reactor) based on French and German designs. Fuel for PWR and BWR reactors manufactured by MSZ is delivered to Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands and Sweden.

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